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Education begins at birth

Happy Baby

Our Koala room caters for children from the ages of 6 weeks to the age of 18 months. The Koala room is designed to create a calming, nurturing environment to allow your child to develop their intellectual, physical, social and emotional skills. Every child is their own individual and have different interests and needs, routines will be followed as much as possible to allow your child to feel comfortable, familiar and secure. 


Group and individual experiences are planned around children's routines, where children build on their social interactions and developing use of language. We provide a range of activities within the babies' room, where the children are able to explore and develop their skills and senses. These include painting with a variety of medias, using our hands and feet to explore surfaces and the way things feel different. We also encourage children to build on their self-help skills through hand washing, feeding, activities and play time.


If you are thinking of enrolling your baby into our service, we recommend coming in for orientation / play sessions with your child to ensure they become more familiar and comfortable with their new surroundings and educators. This will allow for a smooth transition into care.

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